Fabrice Monteiro is a talented Belgian-Beninese photographer and former-model currently based in Dakar, Senegal. His latest series, The Prophecy, focuses on environmental devastation in Senegal, with 10 images featuring models dressed in costumes crafted by Senalgese fashion designer Doulsy [Jah Gal]. Shot at ten representative polluted locations in Senegal, this series of surreal photographs raises a warning for the Senegalese people in a powerfully threatening way.

Born to a Beninese father and a Belgian mother, his childhood is nurtured with multi-cultural. His unique signature style revolves around his passion and love for the heart and the people of his country. Monteiro was not predicted to become a photographer. Photography came naturally to him, first as a professional model, he became aware of the complexity of the composition, the lighting and the posture. Traveling the world inspired him to develop more creative projects, Monteiro was not destined to become a photographer, photography came to him.