Daria Amaranth is a talented self taught photographer, who was born in Arkhangelsk, in the north of European Russia and currently based in Saint Petersburg. She studied Linguistics and Teaching at the Arctic Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov. Daria started photography only 2 years ago, she shoots amazing melancholic, fine art and intimate portraits. Amaranth describes her photographs as ‘searching for mysteries with a camera’.

I am Daria Amaranth, photographer from Russia. I like creating mysterious stories with melancholic atmosphere; such stories which can be breathtaking or filled with silence. As a rule I create series of works, where all the pictures (as episodes in a movie) tell some enigmatical story one by one. I like the contradictory mood in pictures: when colours and tones are calm but the atmosphere is disturbing – the same concerning emotions of the characters: cold but sensual mood.

– Daria Amaranth

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