Anna Koudella is a sensitive Italian photographer, who lives and works in Munich, Germany. Raised in a Family where art works and music were an important part of her upbringing. During many years she could not dedicate her life to the art, since she followed her husband in his professional stages in many countries such as USA, Spain, France, Germany, to settle finally in Munich. These years in foreign countries, international contacts and friendships contributed to her desire and curiosity to discover the human nature in its multiple expressions.

It was in her years in Madrid, starting 2000 that these artistic talents found its first expression: after a solid apprenticeship with a known Madrid photographer she created her first art works. For her, art is the free expression of light and her entry was the light in the portrait of women. Her first interest and works were on the noble traits of the women of the Spanish society, diving in the fascinating sea of the female soul.

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